Thongu Vilakku (Sara Vilakku) - 7"

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Thongu Vilakku (Sara Vilakku)


Most of the lamps used in Hindu temples and pooja rooms are brass lamps / Diya. There are many types and varieties. Hanging brass Diyas are one type. They are called Saravillaku / Diya. Saram is tamil word and the English translation is series. Hanging brass lamp / Sara villaku/Diya is available from single face to seven faces. Hanging brass lamp/Sara villaku / Diya is available from 1 size to 15 sizes. Hanging brass lamp /Sara villaku / Diya is available online through Price of hanging brass lamp /Sara villaku /Diya varies based on brass market price. In the bottom of each individual hanging brass Diya, there is a hook provision. Using brass chains and S hooks hanging brass lamp/ Sara villaku / Diya can be one below another as required whether same size in series or sizes in descending or ascending order. Hanging brass Diyas are hung in both sides of the deity in single row or multiple row. Also some temples use fixed sara villaku / diya in the nearest entrance to the deity all around but for the bottom. Hanging brass Diya, when lit the deepam looks so spectacular and bring in such a great spiritual feeling. There is a special festival as Karthigai deepam, where in houses also many deepams are lit and the great spiritual feeling is brought.