Sky Fruit Seeds - 50g (Thenkani seeds )

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Short Description

Tamil Name - தேன் கனி - Thenkani


Tamil Name : தேன் கனி - Thenkani

Botanical     :  Swietenia Macrophylla King Bitter Seeds



Lowering  glucose lives in Blood - Good for Diabetic Patience 

Improve immune systems and body strength

Develop Blood production system

Useful in Asthma Treatments 

Increase ability of men in producing sperm

Good for Insomina problem (Sleeping Disorder)

Promote Longevity

Cures Skin Allergy

Beauty Agent (Anti Aging)


How To Use 

Chew It 

Please, break the shell and takeout the seed from it. Eat half of the seed if your sugar level is below 200 and take full seed if your sugar level is above 200. Take it early morning, immediately after brushing once in a day. Please avoid to drink coffee, Tea, Milk and food for one hour for better results. As it natural seed (food) no Side Effects.