Siru Naga Poo - 100g

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Tamil Name - சிறு நாக பூ - Siru Naga Poo


Tamil Name - சிறு நாக பூ - Siru Naga Poo




Chitrakmool offered by us is a natural digestive herbs used for digestive, nervous and female reproductive system. The parts of this plant are used for the production of herbal powders. These herbs are widely used for indigestion, gas, hemorrhoids, dysmenorrheal, rheumatism, promotes sweating and small doses stimulate the central nervous system.


Health Benefits Of chitrakmool

• Chitrak is used in treating intestinal troubles, dysentery, leucoderma, inflammation, piles, bronchitis, itching, diseases of the liver, and consumption.

• Leaves of this herb work well for treating laryngitis, rheumatism, diseases of the spleen, ring worm, scabies, and it acts as an aphrodisiac.

• A tincture of the root bark is used as an anti-periodic.

• Chitrak root helps improve digestion and it stimulates the appetite.

• Chitrak root is also an acro-narcotic poison that can cause an abortion.

• Chitrakmool Is Nervine Stimulant In Low Dose But Sedative In Higher Dose. It Is Useful In Nerve Weakness And Vata Disorders.

• Chitrakmool Is Useful In Anorexia, Indigestion, Abdominal Pain, Liver Disorders, Sprue, Hemorrhoids And Worms.

• Chitrakmool Is Especially Useful In Non-bleeding Piles.

• Chitrakmool Enhances The Circulation Of Gastric Mucus Membrane, Thus Helps In Digestion And Absorption.

• Chitrakmool Is Effective In Chronic Rhinitis And Cough.

• Chitrakmool Causes Uterine Contraction, Cures Menstrual Disorders And Post Partum Disorders.

• Chitrakmool Is Also Used Internally And Externally In Impotency.

• Chitrakmool Improves Liver Function, Digestion And Helps In Splenomegaly.

• Chitrakmool Is The Best Medicine For Diseases Like Hemorrhoids, Which Are Caused By Abnormality Of Agni.

• Chitrakmool Is Quite Useful In Spermatorrhoea.


How to use

• Chitrakmool powder is specially recommended for hemorrhoids and other anal problems.

• Chitrakmool powder should be taken with buttermilk.