Panchapatra - Copper

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Size : 3" X 3.5"


Panchapatra – Panchapatram - Copper is a vessel used for pooja at homes and temples, normally made of Brass, Copper & Silver. Originally it was called Pancha Pathra Paathram, meaning – the vessel to keep 5 leaves put in water for doing the pooja. The five leaves used for pooja are Tulasi, Arugu, Vembu, Vilvam & Vanni. These leaves are put in the Panchapatra – Panchapatram - Copper for offering pooja to the god and the water is distributed to people as prasadam. The Panchapatra – Panchapatram - Copper water is considered so auspicious and it is considered as medicine for many diseases. That is why in earlier days, for any disease, people believed that taking Panchapatra – Panchapatram Theertham will be the remedy for their diseases. Nowadays, the pancha pathra paathram has lost its originality and has become Panchapatra – Panchapatram - Copper which is used to keep water for doing pooja and daily rituals like Sandhya Vanthanam, Maadhyaniham, etc., it is commonly available in Brass & Copper. It is given along with Sombu as Dhanam for offering rituals to the ancestors.