Dried Turmeric Potatoes - 100g

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Tamil Name - கிழங்கு மஞ்சள் - Kizhangu Manjal


Tamil Name - கிழங்கு மஞ்சள் - Kizhangu Manjal


First of all, turmeric powder contains curcumin, which is a highly inflammatory ingredient and has antioxidant effects. Many studies also show that the consumption of foods containing turmeric powder decrease the risk of getting brain and heart diseases and can help prevent various forms of cancer. Bottom line: great stuff you should add to your diet!


Turmeric does not only make your food look great and colorful (curry, potatoes etc.); the health benefits of turmeric actually help your body to work at its best. We therefore had a look in all our restaurants and collected a variety of dishes and drinks containing turmeric powder. Check out what we found for you and chose for yourself your favourite dish.