Dried Cocunut - 500g

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It strengthens you connective tissues. Your skin, ligaments, bones, and tendons fall into the category of connective tissues.


If nutritious value alone isn’t a good enough reason for you to start eating dried coconut, the health benefits it offers should change your mind:

  • It strengthens you connective tissues.
    Your skin, ligaments, bones, and tendons fall into the category of connective tissues. They contain a great number of minerals, which means that deficiency of any of these elements affects this particular part of your body. Keeping your connective tissues strong should be one of your health priorities as any problems with them endanger your life and make your existence as a whole highly uncomfortable. Desiccated coconut contains a wide range of minerals that are easy for your body to absorb and process. Therefore, including it in your diet will prevent mineral deficiency and reduce the risk of many serious diseases, such as arthritis and osteoporosis.
  • It promotes your brain function.
    Dried coconut doesn’t make you smarter per se, but it does make your brain healthier. Some of the chemicals contained in the coconut meat promote the production of neurotransmitters as well as myelin. The latter is the fatty coating that covers neurons and allows them to transmit electrical signals that come from or to the brain more efficiently. Note that any damage to myelin cover of your neurons leads to severe neurological problems. Coconut is so effective in protecting this particular part of your body and promoting your brain health as a whole that coconut oil has recently received acknowledgement from the researchers who are looking for an efficient treatment for Alzheimer’s. According to the results of some studies, it helps slow down the progression of the disease as well as prevent it.
  • It helps lower your blood cholesterol levels.
    As any other source of healthy fats, desiccated coconut lowers your levels of LDL cholesterol while increasing the level of HDL cholesterol. Therefore, it strengthens your arteries and promotes cardiovascular health.
  • It prevents anemia.
    Iron deficiency anemia is a common health issue that often affects women. The condition in itself isn’t dangerous, but it lowers your natural protections as well as affects your overall condition. Anemia causes bouts of dizziness, which can lead to accidents. It also makes it easier for bacteria and viruses to attack your body. Consider your iron intake when you plan your meal plan as people rarely receive enough of this mineral from food. Adding dried coconut to some of your foods will help you reach the daily requirement of this particular mineral.