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Aloo Bukhara is very attractive, healthy, tasty and antioxidants rich fruit packed with the vitamins (especially vitamin A), minerals, iron and etc.


Benefits of Aloo Bukhara (Plum)

Aloo Bukhara is very attractive, healthy, tasty and antioxidants rich fruit packed with the vitamins (especially vitamin A), minerals, iron and etc. it boosts the mental and emotional health of the people as it contains all the essential properties of boosting the health if consumed on daily basis. It can be used as a wonderful vitamins capsule of boosting the health. It has been used for years for both health and beauty benefits by the people. Some of its benefits from both aspects are discussed below:

Benefits of Aloo Bukhara to Prevent Cancer

Boosts Immunity

  • Since I have mentioned already that it is rich source of antioxidants and vitamins thus it is very effective fruit which boosts the body immunity to get prevented from the cancer.

Prevents from Cancer

  • Plum contains beta carotene in sufficient amount which is very essential phytonutrients required to fight against various types of cancer.

Benefits of Aloo Bukhara for Aging

Improves Brain Capacity

  • Aloo Bukhara is an anti-aging fruit boots the power of both body and mind thus enhances the brain capacity to function actively for long time.

Energizes Body

  • Plum also enhances the level of vitality among people if eaten on regular basis.

Fights Ageing

  • Prune fights with aging by slowing down the process of aging such as lack of attention and focus, declining memory, problem to remember things and so many.

Benefits of Aloo Bukhara for Heart

Promotes Heart Health

  • It is the healthiest fruit having capacity to keep heart healthy by reducing the bad blood cholesterol level, increasing good cholesterol level, boosting blood health, keeping arteries healthy and etc if consumed regularly.

Removes Unnecessary Bile

  • Plum helps in removing unnecessary bile from liver so that extra cholesterol can be used for addressing the bile deficiency. In this way it reduces the bad cholesterol level and prevents heart from the risk of cardiovascular diseases.

Normalizes Blood Pressure

  • Its high level potassium and low level sodium minerals plays vital role in normalizing the blood pressure level and lowering down the water retention in body.

Protects from Blood Clotting

  • It is the good source of vitamin K which helps in protecting from the unnecessary blood clotting thus prevents from high blood pressure and stroke.

Benefits of Aloo Bukhara for Diabetes

Maintains Normal Blood Sugar Level

  • It contains proper amount of soluble dietary fibers which helps in maintaining the normal blood sugar level by regularizing the absorption of glucose in blood.

Reduces Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

  • Plum prevents from type-2 diabetes by boosting the insulin sensitivity in the body.


Benefits of Aloo Bukhara for Skin

Provides Proper Nourishment

  • Aloo Bukhara is the rich source of vitamin A and beta-carotene which are the most essential elements for the skin health thus it helps in nourishing the proper skin health if eaten on regular basis.

Prevents from Skin Problems

  • It prevents skin from various skin problems like blemishes, eczema, acne and etc.

Makes Skin Soft and Glowing

  • It provides skin a radiant glow, soft and supple touch.

Prevents Skin from Dryness

  • Prune prevents skin from the dryness and roughness including other facial skin problems by providing it a natural freshness.

Solves Dark and Black Lips Problem

  • It also provides relief from the dark and black lips problem if fresh peeled plum is rubbed on the lips and gives lip a soft and pink look.

Protects Skin from UV Rays

  • Plum prevents skin cells damage by protecting it from the harmful UV sun rays.

Keeps away from Seasonal Infections

  • Vitamin C found in it protects skin from various seasonal infections.

Benefits of Aloo Bukhara for Women

Reduces Risk of Bone Problems

  • It reduces the risk of osteoporosis, bone demineralization and other problems among women after the menopause.

Keeps Bones and Joints Healthy

  • Plum boosts the proper growth and development of the bones and joints (by enhancing the secretion of enzymes and growth factors for bone growth) among menopausal women if consumed in adequate amount.

Reduces Risk of Early Menopause

  • It is the rich source of iron and folic acid thus reduces the chance of early menopause by maintaining the proper flow of blood and hemoglobin count among women.

Benefits of Aloo Bukhara for Men

Treats Semen Leakage Problem

  • It provides relief from the semen leakage problem among men if the mixed water of soaked plum and 1 tsf aniseed (saunf) is taken regularly.

Other Health Benefits of Aloo Bukhara

Improves Blood Haemoglobin Count

  • It is the richest source of iron and folates which are most required elements to enhance the blood haemoglobin count thus it is most beneficial to get prevented from the anemia.

Boosts Nerves and Muscles Functioning

  • Aloo Bukhara contains high level of potassium which boosts the functioning of nerves and muscles thus prevents from many health problems related to the nerves and muscles during old age.

Manages Normal Weight

  • Its high level of insoluble dietary fibers provides stomach the sense of fullness for longer period of time thus prevents from overeating and involves in the weight management.

Improves Eyesight

  • It contains vitamin A and beta carotene which helps in improving eye sight and preventing from the various eye disorders.

Normalizes Digestive System

  • It also helps in improving the appetite and normalizing the digestive system functioning as it is the best natural home remedy for all.

Boosts Energy

  • It provides instant relief from the weakness and fatigue if taken on daily basis on empty stomach in the morning after routine walk.

Provides Relief from Enlarged Spleen

  • Its regular consumption is very effective home remedy to get relief from the problem of enlarged spleen and get normal sized spleen.

Relieves Inflammation

  • It provides relief from the foot inflammations if plum is rubbed on the foot palm for around 15 mins.

Treats Sleeping Disorders

  • It helps in treating the sleeping disorders among people if it (6-8) is taken regularly before sleep time.

Boosts Memory Power

  • Its antioxidants richness makes it able to boost weak memory power during old age.

Provides Relief from many Problems

  • Plum also provides relief from the problems of throat swelling, soreness, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, scanty urination and prostate gland problem.

Enhances Metabolism

  • It enhances metabolism by promoting the enzymatic actions in body.

Destroys Free Radicals

  • Its high level of antioxidants, carotenoids and phytonutrients helps in getting prevented from the diseases caused by free radicals.

Good Source of Magnesium

  • It contains good level of magnesium mineral which has ability to promote muscles, nerves and blood vessels relaxation. It also protects from the asthma, muscle soreness, migraine, headaches and etc.

Treats Digestive Tract Disorders

  • It naturally assists in treating the problem of constipation, irregular bowel movements and etc disorders of digestive tract due to the availability of insoluble dietary fibers.

Prevents from Old age Problems

  • Its regular consumption prevents from the age-related macular degeneration, infections as well as enhances the iron synthesis and absorption in the body.

Fights Early Ageing

  • Prune contains lutein, beta carotene, cryptoxanthin, zeaxanthin and etc which actively help in fighting against the free radicals and early ageing problem.

Benefits of Aloo Bukhara Leaves

Provides Relief from Intestinal Worm

  • It provides relief from the intestinal worm problem if paste of the plum leaves is applied to the lower abdominal area means below the belly point.

Relieves Running Nose

  • Drinking water or tea prepared by boiling some plum or Aloo Bukhara leaves provides instant relief from the excessive running nose problem.