About Us


Mathuranthakam - the calm and picturesque town of Kancheepuram district is the birth place of Herbs ‘n’ Puja. The place got its name from a famous Chola King, Uthama Choza, who was also known as Maduranthakar. Home to the second largest man-made lake - the Mathuranthakam lake, it is the source of irrigation for more than 1000 villages.

The town is renowned for its various religious shrines and place of pilgrimage. It is believed that Mathuranthakam is one of the holy places visited by the venerable Ramanuja. Present is also a 1300 years old Aeri Katha Ramar Temple, named after the tale of stopping a devastating flooding.

Just 12 kilometers from Mathuranthakam is the world famous Vedanthangal bird sanctuary, where every year migratory and endangered birds flock and nest together.

About Herbs ‘n’ Puja

Inspired by Mathuranthakam’s rich heritage and its vibrant environment, Mr R. Nagappan began Herbs ‘n’ Puja in 1960 to offer spirituous people an avenue to buy high quality puja items, herbs and traditional medicines at one place.

The establishment was formed on the strength of 3 pillars - Optimum Quality, Competitive Cost and Timely Delivery.

Over the years the company has expanded to an impressive level serving numerous discerning customers in and around Kancheepuram district. The family run business is lead by Mr R. Nagappan with the help of his sons Mr Rajkumar and Mr Saravanan along with an able 6-member team.

In this digital age when all things are bought online, we intend this website serves as a single-platform for people to buy everything they need for their puja anytime from anywhere.